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Every electrical or electronic application will require power conversion from the power source. The Technical Power engineering team works along side as your technical partner to cover all aspects of power conversion in any industry.

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Collaborating with the Technical Power engineering team ensures that the device is optimally powered and means your development team can be fully committed to the core operation of the application.


If you would like to discuss the power requirements for a project with the Technical Power team, please click below:


Technical Power Expert

Ideal Power Single Units


If you are looking for individual or a small quantity of items, Ideal Power recommends visiting one of our distributors.















RS Components
























Trusted component distribution leaders Farnell, RS Components, CPC and Rapid are renowned for having helpful customer service and fast shipping.

External Power Supply Unit (PSU)


Plugtop, Desktop and Wall-mount adapters configurable for any application.




Ideal Power External Power Supplies

AC/DC Converter


AC/DC converter power supplies available as industry standard Open Frame, Encapsulated and Enclosed (Chassis / Cover) configurations applicable for use across a large scope of applications including Medical and Communications. 


Battery Charger


A range of battery chargers to suit a wide range of applications. including multi-stage intelligent charging systems for any battery chemistry and input requirements.



Ideal Power Battery Chargers

DC/DC Converter


Highly efficient Brick, Encapsulated or Chassis / Cover DC/DC converter power supplies manufactured using Industry leading design suitable for many applications.



Ideal Power DC/DC Power Supplies

LED Driver


Constant Current and Constant Voltage LED Driver modules to power a variety of LED lighting systems for industrial, commercial and residential environments.


 LED Driver